I've never seen an episode, nor do I know any of the characters, but I'm not letting that stop me
  1. Scandal (that's the main character's name, right?) and the president are on Air Force One. It crash lands. They make out
  2. Scandal becomes chief of medicine at a sexy hospital. She and the president make out
  3. Scandal and the president create peace in the Middle East WHILE making out
  4. Scandal find out that the president is really the prime minister of Canada in disguise. They make out
  5. Scandal sells a monorail to a small town, but then the monorail doesn't work and everyone in the town is mad at Scandal. No one makes out
  6. Scandal attempts to stop the detonation of an atomic bomb. Scandal thinks she's failed, but it turns out the bright light is just the sunset. Everyone makes out.
    Suggested by @amyjean