1. Dear fellow Americans, Merry Christmas from the Bannon family!
  2. Some libtard at Starbucks tried wishing us "Happy Holidays," but I showed him who's boss by loudly yelling SANDY HOOK WAS A HOAX until he ran crying back onto his school bus like a pussy.
  3. Speaking of pussies, I'm pleased to announce I've "grabbed" myself a new job!
  4. My good friend Donald invited me to work with him in Washington DC (which the wife likes to say stands for "devious cykes." So close, sweetie!)
  5. We're so excited for our new adventure! I found our new dream home in Silver Spring, and we're moving in as soon as the Department of Homeland Security arrest it's current occupants, the Bashir family, for being ISIS-supporting Syrian "refugees" who do Sharia law.
  6. The wife's a little worried about moving to such a new place, but I keep reminding her that she's just unattractively paranoid due to her delicate female brainwaves being scrambled by Planned Parenthood and illegal immigrant chemtrails.
  7. The twins are doing well, despite being raised by my femenazi ex-wife. They're attending college in New York City (or, as I like to call it, JEW York CitJew) this fall, and I couldn't be more excited to have them close to me.
  8. I know the move is going to be a little tough on the ol' family, but like I always say, "$hillary Clinton and (((Sydney Blumenthal))) murdered three Americans at Benghazi."
  9. Our good friend Milo joined for Christmas caroling to spread a little Holiday cheer! But instead of songs, we recited black-on-white crime statistics to a predominately African-American church.
  10. 2016 was, without a doubt, one of the better years of our life, and we hope all of you America-hating, race-mixing Ultra-Cucks® have a warm and prosperous new year!
  11. Love, Steve and the whole Bannon klan
  12. Ps. Heard a great joke the other day. How is Bill Clinton like Bill Cosby?
    They'll both be executed under Donald Trump's regime, along with millions of other undesirables.
  13. Merry Christmas!