Disney residuals ain't what they used to be
  1. Donald lost his wallet, and is trying to get across town
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  2. Pooh's sister is sick, and he needs to see her as soon as possible
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  3. Pinocchio knows this is weird, approaching you in the street, but you look like a really good person
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  4. Ralph totally won't use it for drugs or alcohol
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  5. Simba wants to know why you're walking away from him. Do you think you're better than him?
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  6. Anna thinks you're a real prick, and hopes you go to hell
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  7. Beast is sorry. He doesn't know why he lashes out like that
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  8. Dumbo could really use the money
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  9. Ariel thinks you could spare a little something
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  10. Olaf says he'll do anything to get a few dollars. Anything.
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