Ten Disney Characters Who Just Need a Little Money for the Bus. Honest.

Disney residuals ain't what they used to be
  1. Donald lost his wallet, and is trying to get across town
  2. Pooh's sister is sick, and he needs to see her as soon as possible
  3. Pinocchio knows this is weird, approaching you in the street, but you look like a really good person
  4. Ralph totally won't use it for drugs or alcohol
  5. Simba wants to know why you're walking away from him. Do you think you're better than him?
  6. Anna thinks you're a real prick, and hopes you go to hell
  7. Beast is sorry. He doesn't know why he lashes out like that
  8. Dumbo could really use the money
  9. Ariel thinks you could spare a little something
  10. Olaf says he'll do anything to get a few dollars. Anything.