The Story of My Tattoos

  1. My first tattoo! Ah, to be 11 again.
  2. Got this beauty on Key West after drinking a whole gallon jug of rum mixed with Percocet.
  3. This one was the result of a bar bet between me and TV's David Boreanaz.
  4. My tribute to Wes Craven #RIPBRO
  5. I told the tattoo artist I wanted Michael Jordan French kissing Bugs Bunny, but he gave me this instead.
  6. I wanted a way to show the world that I was tough on crime, but still liked to party.
  7. "Tetanus Rick" might have had a D from the health department, but he gets an A for originality.
  8. This is my favorite one. It means "peaceful warrior" in Farsi.