Most of them involve my bottom
  1. Bend over, make my knees touch my elbows
  2. Wiggle my ass, make it shake like jello
  3. Step my game up
  4. Drop my ass down low then pick that mother fucker up
  5. Grab that dick
  6. Shake it like a salt shaker
  7. Make my ass spin round like a mother fucking wheel
  8. Shake my shit like a mother fucking drill
  9. Get chunk with it
  10. Get loose with it
  11. Shake my ass real fast, then stop
  12. Shake my ass real fast, then drop
  13. Turn down for what
  14. Get turnt up to death
  15. Get buck in here
  16. Get my mother fucking hands up
  17. Throw my mother fucking drinks up
  18. Get buck in this bitch
  19. Get crunk in this bitch
  20. Stop and wiggle with it
  21. Bend over to the front, touch my toes, ride my ass up and down and get low