Background: I did a guest star spot on Glee last year. It was pretty fun. I played the bear ex-boyfriend of Blaine (or at least I think that's who it was. I can't keep track of the show).
  1. Oh shit! A letter from SAG! I bet they're going to give me hell for not joining because I didn't have three grand to hand over!
  2. What's this? MONEY!
  3. Cool, they showed the episode internationally! That means people all over the world got to see me dressed like a lumberjack from 1996!
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    Photo proof
  4. Wow, the government sure does take a BIG cut off the top.
  5. So...I can afford to fly to San Francisco now. Not bad.
  6. I wonder if more of these will come? I would very much like that.
  7. Thanks, entertainment industry. Just when I was going crazy, you reminded me that sometimes cool shit happens for absolutely no reason.