Today is my 27th birthday. In honor of that, here are the 10 best I've ever had
  1. 20th
    The Bar Mitzvah, officiated by @jewtangclan . 200 people crammed into an apartment in Boston. I sold a computer and used all the money to buy booze. It filled a shopping cart. Also, it was the night I started dating @nbaida so it counts as the best night of my life
  2. 6th
    The Baltimore Aquarium. We were about to move from DC to Philly (booooooo) but my parents sent me out in style: by having me go up during the dolphin show to pet the little guy. Highlight of my young life
  3. 22nd
    We got a bouncy vastly that we proceed to flip over. Don't remember a second of it. When I came to the next morning, I had fully built a Lego tie fighter that @cpinho bought me. Not a single piece missing. I am a Lego savant
  4. 8th
    Jurassic Park themed. My parents created a JP themed RPG for a group of dinosaur obsessed 8 year olds. Got dressed in fatigues and scavenger hunted around my house. Two older boys were dressed as dinosaurs that kept chasing us. SO MUCH FUN
  5. 25th
    Skyzone trampoline park in Woodland Hills. We were the oldest people there by a good 15 years. Little kids kicked our asses at trampoline dodgeball