So many years, so many memories
  1. 1989: Duran Duran releases live wolves into audience during performance of "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  2. 1992: Howard Stern gives twenty minute lecture about prostate safety while dressed as "Buttman"
  3. 1995: Trent Reznor debuts poorly-received Calypso remix of "Hurt"
  4. 1999: Members of N*Sync, Backstreet Boys kiss each other onstage for duration of show
  5. 2001: Aaron Carter publicly humiliates Shaquille O'Neil in onstage basketball exhibition, immediately writes and perform song based on experience
  6. 2005: All members of Hoobastank join hands onstage, light emitting from every orifice, as they summon the elder God their band is named after to earth
  7. 2009: Kanye West storms stage, eats every award not given to Beyoncé
  8. 2013: Miler Cyrus debuts bold new persona by having on-stage orgy with stuffed animals and Beetlejuice
  9. 2015: Selena Gomez something something Meghan Trainor bear attack
  10. 2185: Last surviving human finds Moonman statuette, lifts head towards the heavens while contemplating the last of mankind's achievements