Topics I Feel Qualified to Discuss as a Cable News Talking Head

I know some shit. Hire me major news outlets
  1. Legos
    I've been collecting these pretty much since birth. I know my shit
  2. The Lebanese Civil War
    One of the more fascinating conflicts in the 20th century. A ethnic/religious/mob/international war
  3. Fine Dining
    I eat well. And by well, I mean at fantastic restaurants
  4. Street Art
    Fun fact: I produced an awesome show for the Discovery Channel a few years back about high-end art collecting. I got hooked. Now, the portion of my paycheck that doesn't go to housing, food or @nbaida goes towards street art
  5. Dating Someone for 7 Years
    @nbaida and I are FUCKING CHAMPIONS
  6. Improv
    I've been performing improv since I was 10. Come at me, improv bro
  7. Adorable Baby Animals
    My sixth sense is knowing EXACTLY how cute a baby animal is