1. 'Twas the night before ListApp and all through the app, not a person was posting, not even @fats
  2. Millennials dreaming, not a care in the world, a vision of Christmas and presents unfurled
  3. @DanaDigsYou was all snug in her bed, with thoughts of @john dancing through her sweet head
  4. @olive dreaming real talk, @tombatten dreaming jokes, @JeremyPivot dreaming how to get rid of his ghosts
  5. When new on the app there arose such a clatter, not since the end of the Beta had there been such a matter
  6. All manner of lists were now being posted, @neorsd, @PaulScheer the ListApp now boasted
  7. What a fantastic app, a fabulous place, for users to post shit and find a safe space
  8. And leading the charge was @list team, a wondrous assembly of fellows it seems
  9. @dev was in front with @bjnovak , @jeremysomething was picking up slack
  10. @Nicholas was there with a smile on his face, resisting and listing at a furious pace
  11. For ListApp had become something quite so clever, a lovely collection of writers no better
  12. So as you wake up tomorrow, don't try to resist. Just do the right thing and please like and relist