You Might Be From Philadelphia If...

Representing the 215
  1. You've eaten water ice while awaiting trial for assault at a Phillies game
  2. You've reenacted "Rocky" by getting concussed by a man named Apollo
  3. You know the best cheesesteaks aren't at Pat's or Geno's, but rather at the Quiznos in Mount Airy
  4. You don't pronounce it "water," but rather "that clear stuff what comes out the metal jawn"
  5. Your child is named "Philadelphia Eagles O'Brien"
  6. You went to school at a Quaker school, wearing traditional Quaker garb (a round-brimmed hat and wedding dress)
  7. You have a mall Santa bound and gagged in your crawlspace
  8. They fished your uncle's body out of the Schuylkill river
  9. You often dance in the New Year's Day Mummer's Parade under the stage name "Prancing Ed Rendell"
  10. You know all 637 verses to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"
  11. You drank your entire weight in Yuengling one magical night of elementary school