Representing the 215
  1. You've eaten water ice while awaiting trial for assault at a Phillies game
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  2. You've reenacted "Rocky" by getting concussed by a man named Apollo
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  3. You know the best cheesesteaks aren't at Pat's or Geno's, but rather at the Quiznos in Mount Airy
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  4. You don't pronounce it "water," but rather "that clear stuff what comes out the metal jawn"
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  5. Your child is named "Philadelphia Eagles O'Brien"
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  6. You went to school at a Quaker school, wearing traditional Quaker garb (a round-brimmed hat and wedding dress)
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  7. You have a mall Santa bound and gagged in your crawlspace
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  8. They fished your uncle's body out of the Schuylkill river
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  9. You often dance in the New Year's Day Mummer's Parade under the stage name "Prancing Ed Rendell"
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  10. You know all 637 verses to "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"
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  11. You drank your entire weight in Yuengling one magical night of elementary school
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