An office-wide discussion amongst the MEL staff
  1. Tim Grierson
    First thing I'd do is take a two-week vacation with my wife -- just get away from everything and be with her out in the middle of nowhere. During that vacation, she and I would plan out the rest of our lives with this new money: what we really wanted, what we'd want to do it with, etc. Finally, I'd do a little research into all the reasons why other lottery winners have ended up having such terrible lives, trying to figure out the mistakes they made.
  2. Tim Grierson
    This may not sound very exciting or sexy of an answer, but my hunch is that a little sober preparation goes a long way when your life gets turned completely upside down.
  3. Josh Schollmeyer
    Feel free to call me paranoid and practical, but I would immediately start interviewing money managers. All the cautionary tales of lotto winners losing all of their money as quickly as they get it would terrify me, and is something I would obsesses about probably just about every minute of every day. And so, I would find the exact right people to help me not be a dumb ass.
  4. Tierney Finster
    I would say very little and leave to a new country, somewhere remote and naturally beautiful but with good shopping, along with a couple of friends and my parents. I would live like Queen Latifah in The Last Holiday there, but really it would be my first of many holidays to come. Once home, I would get a small house in Malibu and a small house in Laurel Canyon and finally begin TIERNEY PRODUCTIONS for real.
  5. Jenny Seyfried
    I would pay off everything that needed paying (parking tickets, credit cards, car payments). Then I'd give some money to my parents and family I liked. Then I'd go shopping. Then I'd call a real estate investor and talk about where i should buy property. Then I would buy more shoes. Then I'd book a trip to travel around Europe by myself, flying out friends in small doses because i don't want to be with anyone for more than a few days. Also I'd go on a yoga retreat somewhere sexy and lavish.
  6. Jenny Seyfried
    I’d focus in on volunteering/helping with political campaigns and becoming besties with Elon Musk to change the world together. Money = Power.
  7. Lindsey Weber
    I would just buy property. Land.
  8. John McDermott
    Buy enough rental property that I would have a lasting but passive income. Travel until I got tired of being a vagabond and then start my own business(es) because I know I'd miss working.
  9. Craig MacNeil
    I would also pay off everything, then acquire properties in every locale that I fancy. Gifts and trips with friends, lavish spending on family (trips, homes, baubles), and I would build a state of the art production facility/compound. Hire Elton John to play my birthday party, fund at least 5 documentaries that I want to see but otherwise wouldn't get made, and build a house similar to Lenny Kravitz's pad where one half is normal, and the other half is fantasyland.
  10. Jenny Seyfried
    And a lot of season passes to theme parks.
  11. Craig MacNeil
    He has a fur-lined tunnel connecting the two. Establish a charitable trust for the disadvantaged, and probably also buy the contents of Amoeba Records. Oh, and hire a full-time staff to oversee media transfer. And we mustn't forget the personal chef, trustworthy money manager, and the private detectives hired to monitor them 😊
  12. Josh Schollmeyer
    Wouldn't you want to swim in it like Scrooge McDuck? Or at least swim in SOME of it?
  13. John McDermott
    Nah. But I would have an awesome treehouse built somewhere in Oregon. And so many bespoke suits.
  14. Craig MacNeil
    Enormous wardrobes of custom made clothing for my girlfriend and I, with Jenny-level shoe acquisition.
  15. Jenny Seyfried
    Clothing for sure is a no brainier for us all. Tree house? Smh.