My girlfriend and I have planned a getaway in February with her twin sisters and their SOs to the Caribbean; however, with this Zika virus running rampant and being linked to birth defects, and one of the twins being pregnant, we probably won't go, but still want to get a way. Thinking of places to go, but need some help. Here's what I am thinking:
  1. Blue Mountain Resort
    Thinking if renting a chalet to chill out, drink some bubbly and read a book.
  2. Staycay
    Stay at home and get some things done to our house, while having time to read and drink bubbly. This doesn't sound as fun.
  3. Anywhere with a fireplace, snow, bubbly and a chance to read.
    Must be quiet, must be nice, and as few bears as possible; I haven't seen The Revenant, but bears look like they will fuck you up, plus I don't want to then seek revenge on those who left me for dead. Don't have the time for that.
  4. A coma
    The inside of my brain. Actually, on second thought.