Today my head space was sub par, and it caused me to mess up some tasks. These are ordered worst to least worst.
  1. Attached a document to an email that someone was not supposed to read.
    While preparing for a performance review, I attached what I thought was a blank document for that persons' review. What I attached was a draft of their review written by someone else. It was not a favourable review, and I feel terrible. No amount of apologizing will make it better.
  2. Sent out an email to almost 4,000 people that had a broken link.
    Not only was the link broken, I attempted to fix my error and recall and send out a new version of the email, but I committed the same mistake that caused the link to be broken in the first place, so the link remained broken for everyone to see and they got the same email, twice.
  3. Didn't recall previous email properly.
    There's a check box in Outlook you can uncheck where you don't receive everyone's successful or failure recall response. I did not uncheck that box.
  4. CC'd the wrong person on a high level email.
    Delegating a task to senior managers and let auto fill help me out with putting people's addresses in. This wasn't the worst thing, but still sucked and had to be corrected.
  5. Summary
    As you can see, I had a lot of issues with email today. Each mistake was committed because of three things: not paying attention, rushing and not reviewing. Lesson learnt for sure.