Well Designed Cups

  1. Plus Minus Zero Mug
    $30.00 | The Plus Minus Zero (±0) Mug is a modern-day archetype created by Naoto Fukasawa, one of the world’s most influential designers. His minimal aesthetic is apparent in every detail, from the compact size and slightly angled outline, to the shape and placement of the mug’s most distinctive feature, the handle.
  2. Hasami Mug
    $20.00 | Made in Hasami, Nagasaki, a district of Japan which is known for making the best pottery dating back to the Edo Period, these Hasami Porcelain Mugs are defined by their simple lines and curves. A deep charcoal fills the interior and exterior while an unfinished sand color creates a beautiful contrast on the rim and base. The flat rim allows each mug to stack onto each other.
  3. Snow Peak Titanium Mug
    $49.95 | Snow Peaks Titanium stacking double-walled insulated mugs come in a variety of sizes and nest together to take up minimal space
  4. Heller Mug
    $10.00 | Designed by Massimo and Lella Vignelli for Heller in 1964, this tabletop collection is characterized by clean lines and a simple, classic aesthetic. Crafted in melamine, the pieces are durable, and light. Each piece's precise shape enables it to be stacked easily with other pieces, making the Vignelli line a welcome addition to confined cupboards. This set of six 302 mugs presents the classic design in a rainbow of colors.