these are the interests I now have that I picked up from my friends or people that have heavily influenced me. Wonder what else I'll pick up this year.
  1. Fighting Games
    I've always been a video gamer, but up to 2 years ago I was strictly and RPGer. My best friend is a competitive Tekken Player, so since we started hanging out I've picked up a few fighting games and gotten decent at them.
  2. Studio Ghibli
    I knew about the Hawaii Miyazaki films growing up, but I never saw anything except "Princess Mononoke". My last boyfriend showed me "My Neighbor Totoro", and I've been addicted to all the film's since.
  3. Flag-Football
    Growing up an asthmatic, awkward nerd made it so sports were out of reach both physically and socially. But thanks to a series of friends i made in the last two years, im now an active member of a local league. I even go to the national Championships in October and play!
  4. Competitive Gymnastics/Cheerleading
    I feel like everyone watches an Olympic Sport as a guilty pleasure. My best friend growing up was a gymnast, so he naturally taught me about the competition's, skills, and scoring. Nowadays I stay informed of gymnastics and cheerleading competitions.
  5. Nursing
    Once upon a time, I dated a nursing student and helped them study for their Nursing Certification Exam. As a result, I have an eclectic range of knowledge which covers Neonatal Resuscitation, Drug Overdoses, needly gauges used in particular situations, fall safety, and documentation of a rape victim. It's odd how often these subjects come up in a day to day life.