How do you rank?

We're at the end of the second month. So based on that fact are you on par for the following facts??
  1. The average American eats 70 hot dogs a year
  2. The average US adult has 3 cups of coffee each day
  3. 47%
    The amount of US adults that don't put anything in savings when they get paid
  4. $24,672
    The average income per (adult) household member in the USA
  5. 37% of men are obese in the US
  6. About 30%
    The amount of adults with over 1k in savings
  7. On average 20.4 gallons of milk consumed per person each year
  8. $16k
    Average household credit card debt (not counting households that don't have a credit card)
  9. $28k
    Auto loan debt among people who have an auto loan