Things I Learned Braising 30 Pounds of Brisket in My Home Kitchen

Talk about meat sweats.
  1. You can break your garbage disposal by pouring enough brisket drippings and carrot peels down the sink.
  2. When you pack your oven and stovetop with meat for 7 hours, eventually your fire alarm will go off. 🚨
  3. Your dog will freak out when you can't get the alarm to stop, but also he wants to eat all the brisket. A conundrum.
  4. If your fire alarm goes off for 10 minutes, the alarm company will call you to tell you fire trucks are on the way and you will have to beg them to abort the mission. But then again, maybe there is a hot Jewish fireman... 🚒
  5. It's a good thing I decided to braise in bourbon and coffee, because I needed lots of both for my own personal sustenance.
  6. It was all worth it though- tons of kvelling and not a bite left!