It's been quite a week...
  1. 6 Wes Anderson DVDs
    Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Life Aquatic
  2. A cooler
    I found it during work in a secluded area where no one ever goes. Only thing in it were about a dozen mini snickers. It was pretty creepy but I basically hit the jackpot
  3. A new fan
    My sister's new boyfriend thinks I'm funny so I think that means I can add him to my fan club
  4. Spotify premium
    The time had come... I gave in and my life has not been the same since
  5. The respect of a work colleague
    He doubted my rap skills, so I had to prove myself by rapping the entirety of Monster. I made my point
  6. A year's worth of contacts
    Not that exciting but an absolute necessity for me
  7. A replacement dvd for The Life Aquatic
    My original case was missing the disc. Wtf Amazon?!
  8. A healthy respect for wood bees
    They live in the ground and they don't take shit from anyone. I respect that
  9. A box of gluten-free brownie mix
    I found this is my car. I have no clue where it came from or how long it had been there.
  10. A sense of paranoia regarding geese
    I have been followed and chased by 2 different Canadian geese over the past week. I don't feel safe. They're out to get me, I just know they are