Like they say, "age is just a number," so it's hard to tell when the exact moment is that you become an adult. Here's some tell-tale signs that you're now an adult...
  1. You schedule your own appointments
    Eye exams, yearly teeth cleaning... If you're scheduling your own appointments for these, you're now an adult (even if your mom has to force you to call)
  2. Your Facebook feed is full of engagements, pregnancies, & shared recipes
  3. Your most prized possession is your Crock Pot
    And you also have a recipe book of Crock Pot recipes that you're pretty damn excited about
  4. Sometimes you find yourself staring off into space and wondering about the meaning of your life
    There's no stopping it and no predicting when it'll occur
  5. You've hosted your first dinner party
    Nothing says "adult" like hosting your very own dinner party! (See previous list "how to host a neat party" for tips and tricks)
  6. Your favorite boy band from your teen years is starting to become irrelevant
    Although, let's be honest: One Direction will never become irrelevant
  7. You find yourself turning down the radio when you're looking for a street or parking spot
    It's impossible to explain why this happens, but it's a tell-tale sign of adulthood
  8. At some point, you have found yourself knitting and watching Downton Abbey with your mom on a Friday night
    Or maybe that's just me...
  9. You start to have unexplainable aches and pains
    The cause of these pains are unknown, and chances are, you have to sit and think about what you did yesterday because you forgot
  10. You have to pay rent
    This is the pinnacle of adulthood
  11. You use sophisticated words
    And you might not be 100% sure if you're using it in the right context (i.e. My use of the word "pinnacle"). However, you realize that you've waited too long to properly inquire about the proper use of the word, and if you ask now, you'll look ridiculous because you're too old to be asking about it. This is just something you accept and move past
  12. You're pretty confident in your understanding of the difference between "who" and "whom"
    TBH though, as long as the person to who you're talking knows what you mean, why does it matter whom hears you use them wrong?