Reasons to pity Travis

Travis, /TrAv-Is/, noun: a nice, middle-aged but young in spirit guy who lives in Key West, Florida
  1. His name is Travis
    It's just such an mediocre name for such an outstanding fellow
  2. He can't find his computer charger
    Travis is an important guy with important correspondences to keep up on. He doesn't have time for this.
  3. One of his shoes is slightly more worn than the other
    Travis is forced to be incredibly brave to persevere under such disadvantageous circumstances.
  4. His coffee is too hot
    David from MunchBox can make a killer cup of joe, but Travis is sensitive and the extreme temperature is too extreme for him to handle
  5. David won't let Travis hotbox in his van
    "Travis is not allowed in this van" are words that would break anyone's heart