I don't really know why you would want to be best friends with Bri, but I guess in these situations it's understandable...
  1. If you don't enjoy solitude
    She always wants to hang with you and talk and go on adventures and stuff. You can always count on her to be there... It'll ruin your life
  2. If you need free entertainment at your parties
    Fire spinning, tossing devil sticks, knitting... Is there anything this girl cannot do????
  3. If you enjoy a good cup of tea
    She always has the best kinds of tea, cute mugs, and knows how to make a great cuppa. And she'll even have good life talks with you while you drink the tea.
  4. If you want her to ALWAYS there
    Is there something going on in your life? Well, Bri will be there every second for you and will make sure that you're okay... SOOO annoying
  5. If you want someone to laugh at your jokes
    I have to admit, it's nice to have someone that will always laugh at your jokes, no matter how cheesy or unoriginal they are
  6. If you want to hang with someone who's traveled the world
    Bri has traveled the world and has some pretty cool stories to tell you (yawn 😴). She also loves adventures and exploring, which is kinda cool, I guess
  7. If you need someone to play pool with
    Bri is always up for a game of pool and a good life talk. Warning: profanity and multiple "screw you's" may result, depending on how good/bad of a game she's having
  8. If you want an all around amazing person to be your best friend
    If you want someone who's always there, always down for crazy adventures, and always amazing... Bri is your gal