Songs that give me all the feels

Music can be an incredibly powerful way of conveying emotions and sometimes you just find a song that gets you right in the feels. This is a list of a few of the songs that do that to me...
  1. The Lightning Strike by Snow Patrol
    Every single second of this 16 minute song is pure poetry (just like all of Snow Patrol's songs). Lyrically, it's beautiful ("the sheer force of sky and the cold magnet earth"...chills every time), but even the music itself is so emotional. The three parts of the song flow together to smoothly, each telling it's own story. You can feel the desperation in the first part turn to hope in the second, which then fades to a soft reflection at the end (my absolute fav). So good
  2. Brief Pause by On Planets
    This song is so bittersweet; and yet, it's so beautiful. Listening to it, I feel a sense of loss ("Stop, just wait, please...cause I want you to stay") and a sense of vulnerability. I love it whenever a song can make me feel some kind of emotion, even if it's not necessarily an uplifting feeling. The song's unique sound and the singer's fragile-sounding voice give me chills almost every time I listen to it.
  3. The Cave by Mumford & Sons
    Something about this song gets me every time and I think it's the lyrics, which are surprisingly deep. The line "I need to know how to live my life as it's meant to be" is just so...true. This song focuses a lot of self-doubt and self-discovery that really speaks to me whenever I hear it. Plus, you can't go wrong with some passionate banjo playing.
  4. The Run and Go by Twenty One Pilots
    This song starts out with an almost casual tone as the singer says he can't easily open up (hardcore relatable); the song feels carefree and fun. But at the end, the song builds some more and the singer screams the lyrics "I need you to stay" with this tone of desperation that gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. Overall, the lyrics are just so great and the song is so catchy. It's just such a good, emotional song and it gives me the feels every time.
  5. Got to my Head by WATERS
    It's so easy for me to get caught up inside my own head. This is the perfect song to play on full volume when I'm stressed out and overthinking something. The singer conveys just the right amount of frustration and it gets me every time. "Just like you used to say, it all might be okay. But now I'm lost and thinking" So incredibly accurate.
  6. Life's a Happy Song by The Muppets cast
    This song has become one of the unofficial anthems of my friend group and it truly does make me happy whenever I hear it. I have so many memories of listening to this song during long car rides and late-night hangouts. It's not even really an especially high quality song but the memories I have of listening to it give me the feels. 10/10 would recommend.
  7. AhHa by Nate Ruess
    No matter what song he's singing, Nate Ruess always gets me and this song is no different. The lyrics are incredibly self-reflective; you can catch a sense pain and regret, yet also a hint of anger. It's the perfect song to listen to when you're going on a run to clear your head or to work out your frustration. I think all of Nate Ruess's songs are extremely honest, which can be seen in all of his bands/solo acts (The Format, fun., Nate Ruess); I really appreciate that openness in his music.
  8. Wake Up by Arcade Fire
    This is a song that is great for running, as well as when you're traveling because it just feels so... Epic. It's hard to explain, but the song just has one of those larger than life feels to it. The lyrics, though, are so sad when you actually listen to them: "something filled up my heart with nothing" or "our bodies get bigger, but our hearts get torn up." It's a beautiful song and I always love listening to it.
  9. Of Space and Time by City and Colour
    Overall, this is a quality song. His voice has just the right amount of gentle melancholiness to make the song sound like a sad ballad. And the lyrics give me this feeling of sadness that reminds me of rainy car rides, for some reason. It's the type of song that makes you want to curl up while listening to it on a lazy, gray afternoon. No matter when I listen to it though, it gives me the feels.