I have discovered a lot about myself
  1. I am a hammerhead shark
  2. My ideal tea color shows that I'm very opinionated
    I have strong morals and I love to debate. And I can also laugh at myself (? this seems unrelated but okay)
  3. Leo Dicaprio, Steven Spielberg, and Ryan Gosling are in my celeb squad
  4. What piece of Ikea furniture am I?
    The iconic Regolit floor lamp, of course
  5. If I were a Dr. Who companion, I'd be River Song
  6. In the musical Hamilton, I would be Alexander Hamilton
    Just like my country, I'm young, scrappy, and hungry
  7. I'm the "soulmate wife"
    Whatever that means
  8. My child is a prodigy
    They grow up so fast 😢
  9. I'm going to marry Ron Weasley and we're going to live in Hagrid's hut with our 5 kids
    The dream...
  10. Tom Hardy is my soulmate
    At least, he's the "famous Tom" that is my soulmate
  11. Carlos is my Big Time Rush soulmate
  12. I'm 56% Victorian
    Apparently my etiquette could use some work...
  13. I'm 22% high maintenance
  14. I'm the mom of my friend group
    I plan the event and always have to make sure every one is healthy, well-fed, and having a good time
  15. In a zombie apocalypse, I would survive 4 months, 3 days, and 6 hours
    This seems way too specific