Things to do during a 6 hour drive home from college

Lessons I've learned from the open road
  1. Listen to some music
    When there's six hours of open road ahead of you, you need something to get yourself pumped up. Try some tunes
  2. Sing along with the music
    The louder, the better. And if you get weird looks from the other drivers... Perfect. It shows them that you're having a better time.
  3. Choreograph a dance
    As long as you have music playing, you might as well come up with a dance for it. One Direction and Beyoncé are always a good choice
  4. Drink some fluids
    Hydration is key. Especially with all that singing and dancing
  5. Take some pit stops
    This allows you to mingle with the natives. Make some friends, learn about their culture, and grab as many free maps as you can. This is also an opportune time to restock on snacks and fluids *see previous suggestion
  6. Reminisce
    Reflect on the memories you've made, the people you know, and how blessed you truly are (warning: side effects may include tears, smiles, and tears. Results may vary)
  7. Test your meteorology knowledge
    Do you know what type of cloud that is? Can you determine if there's any hurricanes or blizzards headed your way?...Invaluable information to have during your 6 hour drive
  8. Start your own radio show
    This is a good option when traveling with friends, but you can also do it by yourself. Create a radio name, commentate on the traffic, and introduce any guest speakers you might have. Ask for audience participation whenever you stop next to another car at a red light
  9. "Where's the bleach?"
    A fun game to play while driving. If you think you can smell bleach, try to locate the bottle of it among all your possessions. Is the lid undone? Yes? Well better screw it back on before you kill any brain cells.
  10. Send some snaps
    Show your friends what a good time you're having by sending them snapchats. Try out any fun filters you find in order keep things more interesting
  11. Shed a few tears
    This can be done simultaneously with the reminiscing, or as a stand-alone activity