Pepper spray: the gift that keeps on giving
  1. I really don't want to do this...
  2. But I feel like I should
  3. No, I REALLY do NOT want to do this
  4. Surely it won't be THAT bad. Right?
  5. What am I doing? This is going to hurt
  6. Okay, just get it out of the way
  7. Hold your breath, close your eyes... DO NOT BREATH
  8. That wasn't so bad
  9. Sure, I can't open my eye... but it doesn't really hurt
  10. Oh, now I'm starting to feel it
  11. Shoot, what have I done?! Can we walk to the water any faster?!
  12. The water feels nice, just don't breath it in.
  13. You just breathed it in, you idiot! Now stop gagging
  14. Steady breaths, Becca. Stop shaking
  15. Ahh, it burns so bad
  16. I can't decide if my face is hot or cold. The water feels like knives but I need the water on me to stop the burning
  17. There's definitely snot running out of my nose
  18. My eyes feel like they're on fire
  19. I need the baby shampoo NOW! Why's he taking so long
  20. Wipe across the face, don't rub.
  21. Nope. I need the water again
  22. $!@*!!!! It's getting worse
  23. I swear the burning sensation is escalating...Is this normal???
  24. Breathe, water, shampoo, repeat
  25. How long has it been, 15 minutes?
  26. I totally just stuck my ear right in the water spout. Now I can't hear
  27. Blink your eyes rapidly. Keep going
  28. Okay, okay. Now I can see
  29. I can taste it on my lips. Gross
  30. I swear, my whole face is literally on fire
  31. Ahh, that fan feels nice
  32. Dang, now my nose is on fire. Did I breathe it in?
  33. Now it's slightly burning, but it's more manageable
  34. *45 minutes later in my hotel* Time to wash my hair! I don't feel any pain anymore!
  35. Remember what they said, wash your hair at least 4 times over the edge of the tub
  36. Shoot, my ears are on fire
  37. They sure were right about water reactivating it...
  38. Now my neck is burning
  39. @$!%(x50)!!!!!! It's in my eyes again
  40. My whole head is on fire
  41. Thank goodness for this air conditioning unit. The cold air feels so good
  42. Well, it's better now... Until the next time I shower
  43. (PS: Getting sprayed was optional for a training I had to do for my job.)