First posted on @list app here: Why MEET A MUSLIM is the most important video you'll see all week, MEET A MUSLIM has been reposted countless times by individuals. Here are a few posts of note:
  1. Deadline
  2. Refinery29
  3. Adweek
  4. NowThis
  5. HuffPost
  6. The World Post
  7. AOL (I didn't realize they were still a thing
  8. Deadline Hollywood
  9. Vote Your Values
  10. Lifetime
  11. New Ground
  12. Mayim Bialik
  13. Something called Blue Bus (it's I n Portuguese)
  14. L'ADN (IDK it's in French)
  15. I have no clue where this is from Singapore?
  16. Congrats on all the success @taramiele! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
    With this broad range of exposure, how do you measure all the counts?!