If you are going to show your kids Sesame Street clips on YouTube, here are the best ones with celebrities.
  1. Elmo & Adam Sandler sing "A Song About Elmo" - http://bit.ly/1K2dxLU
  2. Elmo & Katy Perry sing "Hot N Cold" - http://bit.ly/1K2dVKm
  3. Elmo (& friends) sing "Don't Give Up" with Bruno Mars - http://bit.ly/1F3fPNX
  4. Elmo (& friends) sing "What I Am" with Will.i.am - http://bit.ly/1K2dxLS
    As an added bonus, Will.i.am seems to be stupid high during this. His face is so weird. He's with the effen Muppets & looks annoyed & distant half the time.
  5. Elmo (& friends) sing "Soak Up The Son" with Sheryl Crow - http://bit.ly/1F3fgnr
  6. Elmo (& friends) sing "1 2 3 4" with Feist - http://bit.ly/1K2dAaH
  7. Elmo & Ricky Gervais sing "Celebrity Lullabies" - http://bit.ly/1F3fgnl
    Funny & a great anti-lullaby.
  8. Elmo & India Arie sing "The Alphabet" - http://bit.ly/1K2dAaD
    It's way more beautiful than a Sesame Street sing should be.
  9. Elmo & Nora Jones sing "Don't Know Y" - http://bit.ly/1F3fevG
    As an added bonus, Nora is acting like a scorned lover who's been abandoned by the letter Y.
  10. Elmo & Andrea Bocelli sing a lullaby - http://bit.ly/1K2dAaB
  11. Elmo & Jason Mraz sing "Outdoors" - http://bit.ly/1K2dxLT
  12. Elmo (& friends) sing "The Letter B" with B.B. King - http://bit.ly/1K2dxLZ
  13. Elmo & Elvis Costello sing "Monster Went And Ate My Red 2" - http://bit.ly/1F3fevE
  14. Elmo & Pax sing "Belly Breath" - http://bit.ly/1K2dAaF
    Kinda scary for little ones. Elmo turns into a scary looking monster for some of it.