Adam Sandler wrote a list of people who are Jewish for the nice little Jewish kids so they won't feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree.
  1. David Lee Roth
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    lights the menorah
  2. As do James Caan,
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  3. Kirk Douglas,
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  4. (and the late) Dinah Shore-ah
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  5. Bowser from Sha Na Na
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  6. and Arthur Fonzerelli
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    Now, Adam Sandler made the claim that Bowzer & Fonzie eat together at the Carnegie Deli but I have first-hand knowledge that this isn't true.
  7. Paul Newman
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    Half Jewish
  8. Goldie Hawn
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    Half, too
  9. Captain Kirk and Mr.Spock
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    Who will be happy to spin the Dreidle with you.
  10. Barry Ackerley
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    Owner of the Seattle Supersonics 1983-2001
  11. O.J. Simpson
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    Adam points out, is NOT a Jew
  12. Rod Carew
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    A baseball hall of famer!
  13. Ann Landers
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  14. Dear Abby
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    Ann Lander's sister!
  15. Harrison Ford
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    Is a quarter Jewish, which is not too bad!
  16. Some people think that Ebenezer Scrooge is
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    But he's not! Know who are?
  17. All
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  18. Three
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  19. Stooges
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  20. Tom Cruise isn't
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    But Adam heard his agent is
  21. Tell your friend Veronica
    It's time to celebrate Chanukah I hope I get a harmonicah Oh this lovely, lovely Chanukah So drink your gin and tonicah And smoke your marijuanikah If you really, really wannakah Have a happy, happy, happy, Happy Chanukah