My 10 yr old want so hear more stand up. Obviously there are bits out there that are good but I'm looking for suggestions to ad to the list.
  1. *Sure to be controversial* Bill Cosby
    Noah, Old Weird Harold, Fat Albert, Revenge. They are amazing. Classic. CLEAN. It's sad to me that they would be off the table, tarnished by his other atrocious behaviors. Wife and I discussed it and decided to let him listen but we did inform him of recent events.
  2. Steven Wright
    I Have A Pony
  3. Mitch Hedberg
  4. Patton Oswald
    My Little Pony/Star Wars
  5. Steve Martin
  6. Jerry Seinfeld
    I'm Telling You For The Last Time album
    Suggested by @celinerogers
  7. Brian Regan
    Suggested by @celinerogers
    Pretty much all of his stuff is age appropriate - my kids love him
    Suggested by @angusisley
    Not standup - a sketch comedy troupe on YouTube that does family friendly comedy. My 10 year old saw their stuff at a sleepover and turned me on to it. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
    Suggested by @angusisley
  10. Good Mythical Morning
    Not standup, more a video series with some silliness. My teenage niece and her friends love these guys!
    Suggested by @jhope71