As April Fools Day comes to a close, here's a little fun for me and all my @themoth peeps. Themes you will NEVER see at a Moth StorySLAM:
  1. Nepotism
    Stories of getting a head, not because of anything you did, but because of who your parents are.
  2. Microwave diners
    Stories of the adventures that come with eating diner home, alone, in front of the TV, in your underwear
  3. Bootlicker
    Stories of kissing ass and how it helped you beat the competition
  4. Mom calls
    Tales of that time your mom called
  5. White Privilege
    Stories of getting a head because you started out a head.
  6. Killed a man in Reno
    Stories of killing a man in Reno, just to watch him die
  7. Daily commute
    Stories of how you die a bit every day sitting in your car stuck in traffic
  8. Buying Milk
    Stories about the time you headed proudly out of the house, averting distraction, and bought milk
  9. Cat puke clean up
    Uh oh! The cat puked again! Time to clean it up and then come tell everyone at The Moth about it, or don't clean it up & just come tell us about it!
  10. Pus
    Tales of picking scabs, popping pimples and unfortunate infections.