As requested by @johnniehobbs
  1. A year after becoming a Stay At Home Dad in 2007 to my (then) 1 year old son, I was mind-numblingly bored.
    While SAHDs are more common now, it wasn't then. Aside from sharing my exploits on Twitter (@dastayathomedad) & Facebook, I hardly had any adult interaction. It's important work and great for bonding with your kids but it's hard to always be at work & never getting time away.
  2. Wifey told me I should get involved with something.
    I reached out to The Moth and asked about their goings-on in LA. They put me in touch with the lovely lady who was producing the LA StorySLAMs at the time (2 shows a month) and I started volunteering.
  3. I treated it like work.
    Since wifey works & often travels for it, we'd get childcare when there was a SLAM and I came loyally to every show. Aside from volunteering, I was also putting my name in the hat & telling stories.
  4. After a while, I started filling in for the regular producer when she had a conflict.
  5. When the regular producer went on maternity leave I was asked to cover for a few months.
  6. Upon her return, we shared responsibilities, splitting certain shows.
    This was a big step. She really let go of responsibility and completely shared the role with me. We were doing 3 StorySLAMs a month by then & I was still attending all the shows, even when I wasn't producing. We worked as a team & it worked really well.
  7. This went on for time till she started some new ventures and sadly moved on.
    By this time, since we'd been around for so long, we'd also gotten involved in producing the Mainstages in LA. I took over the roll of producing the LA SLAMs and I have been blessed with an amazing team of volunteers & support staff that help make the shows a success!
  8. TMI?