People I'm Told I Look Like

Ranked from my favorite to least favorite.
  1. John Corbett
    How could this not be a compliment? Chris Steven, aka Chris in the Morning from Northern Exposure?! Aidan from Sex in the City?! I'll take it! Gladly!
  2. Steve Young
    Who knew that when the San Fransisco 49ers lost their quarterback, the best in the league, Joe Montana, that his back-up would quickly become the best in the league? And handsome to boot!
  3. Seth Rogen
    Not my favorite. Here's where the list takes a turn. Dude's funny but he's definitely not known for his rugged good looks. We both have dark glasses and look Jewish.
  4. Will Ferrell
    I am not happy about this one. At all. We both have curlyish hair... I guess.
  5. Brian Finkelstein
    Sure, his eyes are dreamy, but he's still last on my list cause I get it most often now and therefore is the most annoying to me. Brian is a frequent host for @themoth in LA so we share the stage together a lot and people get confused cause we both look very Jewish, are hairy, and could stand to lose more then a few pounds. I always clarify that I'm the better looking one.