1. When Piggy starts dating @JoshGroban he has, possibly, the best line of the show.
    "Der Pig en de gropin da Groban"
  2. When he sings Rappers Delight
    The whole scene is great. http://youtu.be/MwaOoWo0UOo
  3. In the beginning of episode 4, while Fozzie is being interviewed, he can be seen in the background by the food cart licking donuts.
  4. Apparently first name Megan
    While in the original series Danny Kaye, playing his uncle, does say "...but we call him Tom" that doesn't mean it's his name though. In e3 he tells Christina Applegate his name is Megan & she tells him "you go girl" & he gives it 2 snaps up. Is he a she? A transgender Muppet?