I've been asked to do this list based on my earlier list "SELECTIONS VEGETARIANS ARE TIRED OF SEEING ON RESTAURANT MENUS" *Also, I've been asked by 2 different people to post basically the same list so I'm putting the same info in both. It'll hurt my "trending" chances, but I didn't know how to better honor both requests.
  1. Something new
    That's kinda the point of eating out, isn't it? Unless you're going for breakfast (which is all variations of the same thing), pizza or sushi (where you have a general idea what you're going to get), you want to open a menu and think "Oh! That sounds good!"
  2. Great ambiance
    I no longer enter a restaurant expecting to be happy with my culinary options so I hope for a great environment. Give me that.
  3. Those first two things are a bit grumbly (I admit it) so here're some menu items I'm always glad to see
    Other omnivores are welcome to disagree
  4. Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese
    Yum. A properly roasted beet doesn't just taste heavenly, it does weird things to your pee, too, and there's no denying that's cool.
  5. Original Veggie Pattys
    I still want to enjoy a burger, (I am human), just not one that was frozen & bought at Kroger