Really guys? You're chefs. You're restaurateurs. Get creative.
  1. Zucchini
    I don't care how you're preparing it, zucchini are cucumber's less flavorful & less liked cousins. Quit trying to fill my belly with this lazy & tired waste of water. I mean, has anyone ever said, "You know what this needs? Zucchini!" Nope. Never. And for the record, it's only good in zucchini bread cause you can't taste the little bit of taste zucchini has & essentially, zucchini bread is cake.
  2. Red pepper
  3. Egg plant
    Unless it's a core ingredient (I'm talking: baba ghanoush or moussaka) it's just filler. NEXT!
  4. The above three things grilled and on a sandwich
    Please stop this practice immediately.
  5. Anything "Caprese"
    Yeah. It's good. I get it. Damn good. Drizzle a little balsamic reduction on top & you're more than golden. It's so good you put it on your menu as an option for vegetarians- JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.!
  6. Rissoto
  7. Store-bought veggie pattys
    Maybe I'm being overly critical but if you want to offer a veggie burger, how about a little creativity? I can buy Garden Burgers & make them at home. I don't. But I could.
  8. Pasta Primavera
    Places that make their own fresh pasta exempt, obviously
    Suggested by @erinhickey
  9. Gnocchi
  10. Portobello burgers
    They're almost always rubbery, and just filling them with cheese and frying them does not solve that problem I'm looking at you Shake Shack
    Suggested by @roseveleth