I just found out about it last night over a game of Settlers. We gave a guy in Spain a wake up call. Today, I was driving with all 4 kids in the car so I thought we'd give it a try.
  1. I wanted to use the "Someone wants you to listen to their song" option. It seemed the safest with the kids.
    I had my eight-year-old son, my six-year-old daughter, and three-year-old boy/girl twins with me in the car.
  2. A delightful girl from Alberta, Canada sang to us an acoustic and beautiful version of Taylor Swift's Shake it Off.
    That was at the request of my six-year-old girl and the singer was truly amazing.
  3. It worked out so well, how could we not do it again?
  4. We got a man from Romania who told us to "suck his dick."