@themoth returns on Monday, April 25 for another GrandSLAM & you are going to want to be there! A GrandSLAM is when 10 previous SLAM winners compete to tell a NEW story on a NEW topic. Here's the link to buy tickets, cause you're gonna need it! http://www.attheecho.com/event/1136471. I am super excited about this lineup!
  1. Me! Your ever loving producer.
    Handsome devil that I am.
  2. We will be at The Echoplex!
    On the exact same stage many famous musicians have performed such as Beck, NIN & The Rolling Stones!
  3. Our host, Brian Finkelstein!
    Brian Finkelstein is a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and is also a regular host/storyteller for The Moth. He has also performed eight solo shows in a variety of venues, from the HBO/US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen to the 2014 Summer Nights Festival in Perth, Australia and New Zealand. Brian’s told stories on NPR: Good Food, the Business, UnFictional, Market Place and many more. He has been nominated for two Emmy’s. Follow him on Twitter @bsfinkelstein.
  4. Eban Schletter on the theremin
    That's right, we have a THEREMIN!
  5. Alexander Burke on the vibraphone
    AND we have a vibraphone!!
  6. Storyteller: Dave Child
    Dave Child is a large man who moves surprisingly well. He's in a dance troupe called Liquid Feet, who do earnest choreographed routines to TV theme songs and whatever music happens to be on. He's a great hugger.
  7. Storyteller: Stuart Jacobson
    True until recently - for most of life’s demands Stuart Jacobson has been judged both over-educated and barely qualified. He has found a niche as an autobiographical storyteller. He was born in Brooklyn to a claustrophobic extended-family of nine, raised reluctantly in Queens, taught too much stuff in upstate New York, street-schooled in Manhattan, salt-crusted in Utah, then finally, mellow-finished in California. He lives in LA with his wife, who, fortuitously, has selective hearing issues.
  8. Storyteller: Ella James
    Ella James is a really good driver, considering she learnt to drive sitting on the other side of the car, and on the other side of the road. She really likes cars, which is good as she’s the GPS voice in 75% of cars internationally. Since moving to LA from Australia in 2013, Ella thinks it’s fortunate that she likes spending 80% of her life in her car, because…LA.
  9. Storyteller: Vicki Juditz
    When asked where her ideas for her stories come from, Juditz said, quoting one of the candidates for President, "I speak with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain."
  10. Storyteller: Monte LeMonte
    Always thought I was cool, realized I never was. It happens. But I am an excellent photographer, storyteller, producer, and I love watching birds and bugs do their thing. Not sex, I mean, I'll watch that, but I mean their normal everyday life stuff. I find it super cool and interesting. And yes I have some real credits. I run a breakfast blog, breakfastblogman.wordpress.com. And I am also a neck breaker, shit taker, love maker.
  11. Storyteller: Melanie Maras
    Melanie Maras was born at Glen Eagles hospital in Singapore. She was delivered by the same doctor as her elder brother and they have the same distinct belly button — half innie, half outie. Melanie has lived on three continents but does not fully understand human reproduction as her Baptist mother forbade her from taking sex ed in middle school. She is a graduate of the illustrious American InterContinental University in London which is famous for...nothing. Her style icon is the Hamburglar.
  12. Storyteller: Wil Petre
    Wil is a big part of the immersive theater world in New York, is auditioning a lot in LA, and has been acting and writing for a long time. He is currently preparing for the launch of a ten-minute Bar-for-One, which is exactly what it sounds like. He often speaks in an “outside voice,” and still figuring out what he wants to do with his life. Currently he’s okay with not knowing. He’s open to job opportunities, dog-sitting opportunities, and compliments. www.wilpetre.com
  13. Storyteller: Bernie Somers
    Bernie Somers is 5'10", one hundred and seventy-two lbs. He also likes cupcakes and daisies.
  14. Storyteller: Ethan Stanislawski
    Ethan Stanislawski is a comedian and storyteller based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in New York City, has also spent time in Chicago and Indiana, and can be seen performing around the city. He is a rabid New York Rangers fan and has a lovely poodle-terrier mix named Penny.
  15. Storyteller: Rich Tackenberg
    Rich Tackenberg lives in Studio City with his wife, two dogs, two TiVos and too many Apple products. By day, he is the Managing Director of an Executive Search firm. On the weekends, he is the cohost of a long-running Saturday Night Live recap podcast. In between, he loves telling stories to his family, his friends and his coworkers. Collectively, they all thank The Moth for taking Rich off their hands for a few hours each month.
  16. And finally, me.
    Did I mention I'll be there?
  17. As I said, I am super excited for this lineup and I hope to see you all there!
    Go buy your tickets now! NOW! http://www.attheecho.com/event/1136471