I wanted to make a list of the best Jewish superheroes & found the worst ones to be much more entertaining. Also, I’m trying to stick to just mainstream publications, not something created by Jewish publishers for a Jewish audience (though there are plenty and they are ridiculous).
  1. Greenberg the Vampire (Marvel)
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    "Greenberg and the vampires of his world differ somewhat from the vampires of [mainstream Marvel Universe continuity]. He does have enlarged canine teeth and requires blood to survive. He can easily live off of animal blood, preserved blood, etc., and he has almost never fed directly from a living person [etc.]..."
  2. Jewcano (Cartoon Network)
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    "Jewcano is one-fifth of Minoriteam, a merry band of ethnic bad-asses who use their racial stereotypes to fight stereotypes. As part of the Cartoon Network's late-night "Adult Swim" lineup, … Neil Horvitz, known as Jewcano -- as in part-Jewish, part volcano merges "all the power of the Jewish faith" (that's according to a press release) with a volcano."
  3. Acidic Jew (Image)
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    "Acidic Jew does not refer to himself as a "superhero," he does have a super-power and he is heroic in his actions and intentions to do good for humanity. The Acidic Jew, however, is the only Hasidic Jewish superhero character” in mainstream comics."
  4. Rabbi Zone (DC)
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    "Rabbi Zone is the last of the Zone Magi still on Earth, entrusted with protecting the Dimensional Zone and enforcing order on the Cosmos."
  5. Dreidel (DC)
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    "Dreidel is the youthful assistant of Rabbi Zone. He can whirl himself around like his namesake toy. He goes "Golly" and "Gee Whiz" a lot."
  6. Ramban (DC)
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    "Ramban is an overtly Jewish superhero in DC Comics. Ramban is a rabbi, an observant Jew, and the leader of the Jewish/Israeli superhero team Hayoth."