1. Not set an alarm
  2. Watch tv in bed when we wake up
  3. Make my own version of a coffee bean tea latte for timmy and I- Tip: purchase the vanilla powder from coffee bean.
  4. Go to yas class with timmy and kill it
  5. Get hangry and go to cafe 50s and then eat an egg white scramble and then be myself again.
  6. Contemplate getting a milkshake at cafe 50s and then never get it
  7. Buy some things I need at cvs and some I don't.
  8. Contemplate getting thrifty ice cream at cvs and never get it
  9. Talk to timmy about what kind of socks he needs in his life. That only happened today actually.
  10. Park on the couch and chill the f out
  11. Go to whole foods and buy coconut, bananas and ingredients to make dinner. I alwayssssss need coconut and bananas in the house or else I feel naked
  12. Change into my "chill out" clothes and cook dinner.
  13. Decide whether we should eat dinner at the table or the couch
  14. Decide whether we should get in bed or stay on the couch longer
  15. Get in bed and kiss each other goodnight. Byeeeeeeee