I have been playing cod (call of duty) for a while know and i was thinking of my favorite maps. so here they are
  1. Warning
    This contains personal bias and you may think 1 map is better. But these are MY OPINIONS
  2. Nuketown and Nuketown 2025
    So lets get the obvious ones out of the way. It is so fun from the the fast paced action to the sniping battles this map has it all
  3. Dome
    Dome is, again, a small, fast paced all in your face map and I just love it. You can play almost any gamemode on it.
  4. Hardhat
    Hardhat is a medium sized map that is really fun to play on. It has alot of places to go and is pretty difficult to master. The only complaint i have is CAMPERS this map has alot of places to hide.