So good youtubers are about as rare as a white tiger... but bad ones are a diamond dozen.
  1. Jinx
    Ok, this guy has a "react channel" aka (a stealing content for profit channel.) and he just sits there, without saying anything... the whole time. There are many reaction channels, but Jinx is arguably the worst. He claims that his videos are like watching the video with him, even though he speaks rarely the whole time. He adds absolutely NO NEW CONTENT to the original video.
  2. MattyB
    Unless you are a 10-13 year old girl, you will think this guy is trash. He makes covers of popular songs that just... Uhhhhhh make me wanna never get on youtube ever again! He really is completely awful.
  3. LeafyIsHere
    All he does is make fun of mostly autistic people who post videos. He should delete his channel. And the worst part is his channel has 2.8 million subs. Oh and he is SUCH a big click baiter.
  4. Nichole Arbour part 1
    So she just wants attention. She made motivational videos, but then she realised she was only getting 10k views a video. So she changed her tactics making a video titled "Dear fat people" where she rants about overweight people and how they should just die. She knew that the video was getting a lot of hate, so she made it so people can't see the dislikes. She realized it was working, so she made a "dear black people", "dear feminists", "dear fat people 2", "dear gun enthusiasts."
  5. Nichole arbour part 2
    She also abused a fellow youtuber and ex boyfriend matthew santoro. Overall she needs to make a video called "dear nichole arbour" where she stops making videos. She got exposed by many youtubers including one of my personal favorites GradeAUnderA.
  6. JosephCastello
    This is a prank channel. Yes, i realize that his pranks are actually real, unlike a lot of youtubers, but that doesn't mean good at all, what-so-ever. Instead of coming up with something creative to make someone smile when you tell then its a prank, he just walks around, being a COMPLETE douchebag. He thinks he is funny, but he makes someone's day miserable. All of his "pranks" completely cross the line, such as putting a poop-covered (yes, real poop) microphone in front of people's faces.