Actors That Will Make Me More Likely to See a Movie

There are just actors that make my heart melt.
  1. Liam Neeson
    One he is just amazing in ever movie I have seen with him. Too who doesn't want to look at that handsome face every chance they get.
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
    She won me over with the Hunger Games. #flawless
  3. Amy Schumer
    She is hilarious and beautiful!
  4. Ryan Gosling
    The picture just speaks for its self. 😍
  5. Paul walker RIP
    Even though he is gone now, I will still watch any movie he is in. Absolutely loved him!
  6. Shemar Moore
    I don't think I've ever seen him in a movie.. However seeing him in criminal minds is enough for him to make it on my list.
  7. Gerard Butler
    Last but definitely not least.. The accent and the eyes does it all!