Childhood movies/shows

  1. Rugrats
    This would have to be my favorite, I watched it so much when I would be on a road trip with my parents and I'd ask how much longer till we get there they will be they'd be like one more episode of Rugrats
  2. Rocket power
  3. Zeus and Roxanne
    Used to watch this movie at my grandmas house, such a cute movie!
  4. Santa clause
    Still love this movie till today!
  5. Brinked
    I mean let's be honest most Disney channel movies are amazing
  6. Motocrossed
  7. All the halloweentowns
    The first two were my favorite but all good
  8. Smart house
  9. Hey Arnold
  10. Full house
    Nuff said
  11. Big comfy couch
  12. Sister sister
    Go home Roger
  13. Double dare
    Really all the nick gas shows!