Honestly I like my job, however some of the people who come into the store are something else!
  1. The ones who say keep the change.
    Um no sorry Sir I can not keep the change you must take your 3 pennies..
  2. The ones who complain about the prices to me.
    Yes I complete agree the price is to high however don't get mad at me I didn't come up with the price
  3. The ones who stare at me like I'm doing everything wrong.
    Like hello I know what I'm doing no need to watch me like a hawk, thanks!
  4. The ones who ask to use the same coupon 5 different gimes
    Me:Sorry, no you can not its one coupon per person per day. Lady: Well I was in here the other day and your manager let me do it on different transactions. Me: I'm sorry ma'am I can't do that. Lady: whatever! Me(thoughts): I know my manger did not let you do that because it's against policy
  5. The ones who have there little kids use a coupon so they can get multi discounts
    Yes I do know what you are doing, I'm not dumb
  6. The ones who expect you to put away things they brought ip
    Like yes it is my job and I will. However if you know you don't want it put it back where it came from, not on a totally opposite shelf
  7. The ones who are absolutely rude!
  8. The ones who walk in 5 mins before the store closes
  9. The ones who get ticked when things aren't on sale
    Like I'm sorry??
  10. The ones who let there kids run around the store and touch everything
  11. The end!
    For now lol