Ask our editors what their most fundamental wardrobe staples are, and these are the types of answers you will get.
  1. Black Moto Jacket
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    A staple item for every wardrobe and #1 on this list for a reason. Worth the investment and only gets better with time.
  2. Striped Button-Down Blouse
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    Like your white button-down shirt, but a little more interesting.
  3. Pointed-Toe Slides
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    The perfect blend of comfort, polish, and cool.
  4. Mom Jeans
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    We’re partial to vintage Levi’s 501 jeans, especially the ones from Re/Done.
  5. Mini Bag
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    The puppy version of a purse.
  6. Lace-Up Heels
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    These are the shoes that make you want to say "ooh la la." They go just as well with a party frock as they do a pair of jeans.
  7. Reformation Dress
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    Minimalist and oh-so-cool. Bonus points for being environmentally-friendly!
  8. Graphic Tees
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    Introduce a graphic tee to any "traditional" outfit formula (such as a blazer paired with a skirt and heels) for an instantly more stylish and sporty look.
  9. Dainty Rings
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    If you've ever been on Instagram or Pinterest, you know this to be true.
  10. Denim Jacket
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    Perhaps the most versatile piece of outerwear of all time. Drape it, later it, cuff it, roll it: There are endless ways to style one of these, and you can probably steal one from the brother/father/boyfriend/pal in your life or score a great one at a thrift store on the cheap.
  11. Round Sunglasses
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    Androgynous, timeless, and a little less predictable than oversized shades.