I really thought I was good at it. Now, it's questionable.
  1. When my brother turned 8 I gave him the batteries out of his own remote control truck. They were dead.
  2. I was dating this guy for a few months in school. I broke up with him because I just wasn't really feeling it. His response? "Well, this was a nice birthday surprise." I had no idea it was his birthday.
  3. I baked a cake for my best friend when I was in the 8th grade. An entire month early.
  4. Made a sugar body scrub for my wife completely from scratch. I thought if I added a bit of color that would brighten it up. The tub turned red/pink and had to be scrubbed with bleach and my Mexican wife looked like a lobster.
  5. Didn't really have a whole lot of money at the time, so I gave a friend some pretty cool rocks I found.