I didn't fully understand the concept of this, so I was prepared to receive a gift from the username I got sent! @emmla surprised me with a package from Canada and came in super clutch with some Canadian chocolates :-).
  1. Handwritten Letter
    Your handwriting does not suck. You are lucky to not have to read mine! I definitely accept your invitation to be pen pals and I will stay more active on here as well :)
  2. The Chocolate
    This all looks very appetizing but I'm going to have to review them over longer span (1 week?). I loved the descriptions in the letter so I know what to expect!
  3. Smarties
    Not to be confused with the American candy, these are very close to M&Ms with a harder candy coating.
  4. Aero
    This was interesting...a chocolate bar with air bubbles in it. I love it! Although I can't feel the bubbles popping on my tongue as you described, maybe I'm eating too fast hehe
    Once I get a chance to sample everything, I will complete this list!
  6. Coffee Crisp
    Best so far... love coffee and chocolate. Didn't last long enough to get a pic of the actual bar. I'll send you whatever you want from Texas if you keep sending me these!
  7. Mr. Big
    Nutty and crisp. Not too chocolately but good in it's own way.
  8. Wunderbar
    I agree with the statement "single greatest candy ever created". This bar reminds me of an American candy "butterfinger", except the peanut butter nougat is flakier. Very good!
  9. Caramilk
    I think I've seen this one before but I'm not too sure. Caramel and chocolate always go together well!
  10. Crispy Crunch
    I see a pattern now, Canada loves crispy candy! I do too :)
  11. Crunchie
    Hard toffee. Very sweet!
  12. EDIT: Sorry for taking so long! I couldn't finish them all at once and when I did eat them, I plowed through them without taking pictures before I ate :-(