These are odd things I've snapped a picture of while riding my bicycle. Feel free to add yours!
  1. Abandoned flat screen in a ditch.
    Was it still functioning when it got thrown to it's demise?
  2. Rusty saw-blade
    Curious how/why this one got here.
  3. Community mailbox for the duplexes across the neighborhood
    There was a crazy storm the night before and it was not secured well to the ground.
  4. House on a hill
    I could not get a very good pic of this house but it is huge. The windows are at least 20-30ft tall on the side of the house I was on. I rode my bike until I could get closer to the actual house before seeing a "due to an increase in burglary, there will be no warning shot" sign by a long unpaved driveway. I was not brave enough to stay for a picture.
  5. House on a hill (part 2)
    Here is a zoomed out pic with my hand drawn arrow for scale.