1. An old man nurses a coffee in the corner. Black socks with brown sandles.
  2. A CTA worker lounges in the corner talking on his cell phone.
  3. A father with a baby strapped to his chest writes on a yellow writing pad. I can see the sentence "I am a bad person" crossed out. The baby starts crying and he heads outside.
  4. A woman sits next to him. She's reading a book called "Look Me In The Eye" and using a thank you card as a bookmark.
  5. A woman with a limp, a lanyard, a cane, and a yellow visor sits behind me. She has a cart full of newspapers. She has a medical mask tucked under her chin.
    Elizabeth or just Beth
  6. I sit with a laptop and an open notebook, holding my phone at eye level, typing.
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    My name is Will